This Is 40…

I am among the few that look forward to their big 4-0. It is a club I have wanted to be in for awhile….

What?!! Why?!! (I know that’s what you’re asking).

I have two reasons.

  1. Not everyone makes it this far… every. damn. birthday. is another year of celebrating life. YOUR life. How is that not a good reason in and of itself?
  2. I always told myself that when I got to 40, my unapologetic life would begin. No more “sorries” for things I rarely need to apologize for. No more “don’t do that, others will judge you” mentality. No more caring what “others” think (because honestly living that way is damn exhausting). No more constantly “doing shit for others because I should”…… the list goes on but the point is to live MY life without apologizing for ANY of it.

With that let me say; Thank you to everyone for welcoming me with open arms, fists full of drinks and dance parties for days (literally) as I rolled into the club, now let’s rock the shit out of this place for the next 40!! Who’s with me?!!

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