Who’s Mama Crosby?

Sara Crosby is, Mama Crosby.

Mama Crosby is a nickname that began years ago on a football field. Sara was a defensive line assistant coach for a high school freshman team, being the only woman on staff the players didn’t know wether to call her “Coach” “Crosby” or “Mama” (how her son refers to her). As she was working with one of her players, he called out “thanks Mama Crosby” and the nickname has been around ever since.

Sara “Mama” Crosby is not your typical woman…she’s served in the Army as a commanders driver working a fifty cal weapon, has a degree in interior design, works on production sets for commercials/events/concerts, coaches boys football and rugby, is an aspiring author of books, a loving house wife, writes as a sports journalist, creative blogger, social media and content creator but most importantly to her she is a mother to an amazing young man and a wife of an extraordinary husband.

She is a creative fun loving odd ball who wears her heart on her sleeve and is the epitome of a Mama Bear when it comes to her friends and family. Mama Crosby has always had one hard and fast rule in life “Don’t Fuck With My Kid”… this means don’t mess with her kids papa ’cause that’s messing with her kid, don’t mess with her kids mama ’cause that’s messing with her kid and of course don’t mess with her kid ’cause she will forgive but she never ever forgets.

When she’s not being a doer of all things or fiercely protecting those she loves you can find her watching tv, hiking with her husband, golfing with her son, eating anything her husband cooks, traveling across the country, going to movies with her son, taking long walks with her family, drinking and laughing with friends, doing hard workouts and sleeping any time it’s available.

As Sara was creating her new website, a lot of women in her life who had given her advice, guidance and encouragement would find their way into her writing. As she was looking for a clear direction for her website to take, her mother in law came to the forefront of her mind. She remembered how her home made her feel and and that’s when she realized exactly what she wanted her website to be. She wanted everyone who visited the site to feel the same way everyone did when they came into her mother in laws home. Her home was a place to chat, a place where you belonged, a place that understood who you are and would give you a feeling of love and acceptance. Thus, Mama Crosby was born. Sara hopes that you visit often and that you encourage others to come over as well because, as we say in our household, “All are welcome with grace, love and no judgement”. 

www.mamacrosby.com where the Crosby adventure continues …