I made a deal with myself that I would be a good over attentive little adult until I turned 40. Then, FUCK IT. So, with that in mind I welcome you to Fuck it Friday’s. Every Friday I will post what I am saying fuck it to this week, join me if you want or don’t it’s purely up to you but Fridays with Mama Crosby are FUCK IT Fridays.

I kick these Fridays off with enough is enough. If everyone continues to brush you aside, put you on the back burner, pretend you aren’t important, make you feel like you aren’t good enough or don’t belong or generally treat you like shit…. FUCK IT. Return the favor. You can only put so much time and energy into trying to be part of someones life or a group of people and when they continually show you that you don’t matter, you have to pay attention. Enough already. You mean more. You are better than that. Time to say “FUCK IT, We’re Done Here”. To anyone who feels this, know you aren’t alone, you are so much more than others see, DO NOT let someone else determine your worth. Walk away, go do what YOU want, be who YOU are and good people will follow.


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