Have a Chat Session With Mama Crosby

Before we chat Sara Crosby will send a consent form as well as a non disclosure form to ensure that both parties agree to the chat session and that all information within the chat session stays private (unless otherwise state below). Please be courteous and cancel a chat session within 24-48 hours of your scheduled time.
Sara Crosby is not a licensed professional in mental health, therapy or any variation there of. She is simply a listener, provider of advice, empathizer, head nodder and is great with laughter. Any advice, opinions, information or variation there of that is given by Sara Crosby holds no legal binding of any kind and Sara Crosby shall not be held responsible for any course of actions taken by those seeking and receiving chat sessions.
All information discussed with Sara Crosby during a chat session will be held to the highest confidentiality standards. Nothing will be shared, posted or published in any way shape or form by Sara Crosby. If Sara Crosby feels you are in danger of harming yourself or someone else it is her ethical duty to report information to the proper professionals and/or authorities for your safety. Basically we operate by Vegas rules, what you say in your session with Sara Crosby, stays in your session with Sara Crosby unless you could put yourself or someone in harms way.