This week my fuck it, is to everyone else’s noise because it’s silencing my own voice. I found myself buried in other peoples shit. Some how, their bullshit and opinions were running at full volume in my head with no idea how they got there. Feelings, emotions, frustrations, deadlines, worries, concerns … you name it they were all there and none of them were my own.


I literally had my teeth clenched in anxiety over things that had nothing to do with me and that I in no way could control. Un-fucking-believable. Everyday, I allowed the noise of everyone else to slowly take over my own voice. I couldn’t hear myself think, breath, imagine…nothing. It was all replaced with the noise of others. FUCK THAT. If we can’t hear our own voices how can we stand firmly grounded in our own lives?

To anyone and everyone who feels this, turn off the outside noise and sit in silence with yourself if only for a moment at a time. We need your voice just as it is without the outside noice silencing it.

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