Perspective is clarity…

Went out last night for drinks, food and fun to celebrate a friends birthday. We drank, we chatted, we played games and ate great food. We snuck out of the party to get to our son who really needed some family time to talk some things out that had gone on over the course of the evening. We call this an “Irish Goodbye”, where you leave the party without saying goodbye because you don’t want to cause a scene. While I left the party concerned over how our son was being treated by others (aka, pissed as hell) I ended up feeling lighter than I have in a while. Our family walked throughout our neighborhood with beers in hand having one of those conversations that help steer your perspectives back in the right direction and giving you validation that you are wonderful, just as you are. These conversations with my boys are the heart and soul of who I am. They give me the fuel that I need to keep carrying on at the times that I want to rally against the world the most.

Sometimes a small change in perspective provides a lot of clarity…

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