I’m Not…Changing Who I Am To Fit In, Anymore

I am so tired of constantly changing who I am to fit in to one group of people vs. another. It’s exhausting. It’s demeaning. It’s over rated. I can’t do it anymore and more importantly I am not doing it anymore. This is a statement that I have said so many times that it might as well be my personal mantra, the problem is that I never put it into action. That stops today. Right now, right here. I am who I am and I am done changing and hiding that fact. Take me, leave me, I could care less…there is freedom in finally giving yourself permission to be Y-O-U. Today, I gave myself permission and if you need it, I give you permission to. Let the world see who you are in bright lit up technicolor 3.0 surround sound. We need YOU just as you are.

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