Tell Your Story

These are words that have been spoken to me for years. In fact, last night while out and about they were uttered to me once again “you need to tell your story, we all need to hear it”. It always leaves me dumb founded to hear this, I often walk away wondering “why would anyone want to hear MY story?” My story is an incredibly complex one with the darkest of valleys, the highest of peaks and continual twists that I never see coming. Then, this morning these words of wisdom flew in front of my face as though to say “girl. enough. tell us your damn story.” (those words are spoken in Brene Browns voice for anyone wondering). Sometimes we need to step out of our own way and stop overthinking the “whys” of actions we need to take. Just get on with it already.

Alright Brene, message received.

While I get my first forty years down on paper… go to our The Conversation section and tell us your story. Conversations are just a verbal survival guide.

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