Process Is the Change, Not the Result

If I hear one more time; “you will be so happy when you see the result..just keep working at it” I’m gonna slap somebody. It’s not that I am impatient (okay, I totally am) it’s that I always think why does everyone want to skip to the end so badly?! Yes, the process can be so slow that we feel like snails are passing us and the thought of quitting runs through our minds every five seconds. However; when we skip ahead in the process, we miss all of the struggles, all of the small accomplishments, all of the lessons we could have learned and we are simply left with a result that we put no work into. When we focus on the process itself, we come better people, we learn more, we grow more and we appreciate the result more. Those rewards are the heart of a result and without it, it’s simply something that has been handed to us.

Don’t let things simply be handed to you, experience the process, you’ll thank me later.

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