The Drop Off and The Heart Break

In between my tears, we were able to take some photos of the day that we moved our one and only son into his new dorm room that happens to be 1900 miles away from home (but who’s counting). We all read about how hard it is to take your child to college and drop them off for the very first time but it isn’t until you experience it yourself that you feel everything everyone has ever written about the experience… so I will only say this; IT. IS. HEART BREAKING.

It’s that simple. While part of you is filled with pride and excitement for the what they have accomplished and for the adventure that lies before them the rest of you is heart broken and scared. Your kid is leaving and you aren’t allowed to follow. Your kid is going out into the real world and you can’t protect their every move. On the inside, you want to cry, squeeze them as hard you can and pour every ounce of love into them but on the outside; you are smiling and asking them a million times “do you have everything you need? do you want us to stay a few minutes longer?”.

Then, the moment of truth arrives and you have to walk away. You have to leave your kiddo behind. That, for me, was the hardest 20 steps that I have ever had to walk.

To anyone who has had or who will have to take these steps, I will tell you what I kept telling myself that day “we give our kids life so they can go live it …. even when it’s so damn far away.”

To our son;

Give Em’ Hell Kid, You’re Gonna Change The World … They Just Don’t Know It Yet.

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