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Eventually we all need to get things out of our mind and off our chest. Sometimes we just need to vent about the little things going on in our life and the annoyances that are driving us crazy. Or we just don’t want to bother our friends about what’s going on in our life that we are trying to work out … or maybe just maybe we need some advice and we need a third parties opinion to help give us clarity. Whatever it may be that you have going on, I am here.

We can chat one on one with the same confidentiality as a therapist (we’ll even sign an agreement to that affect before we chat) for only $30/hr or $15 for 1/2hr a session! You can fill out the form “Have a Chat Session” under our “Reach Out” tab or schedule an appointment time via our facebook pages scheduling calendar.

If you just need a little unbiased advice that you think I could help with, then head over to our “Reach Out” section and fill out the form “Get A Little Advice” and I’ll post my response on Monday’s Mental health days. Whatever you need, I am here to listen all you gotta do is Reach Out!

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