A . Crosby Rugby

What sport did you or your player compete or coach in?
Tell us your athletic story and how it impacted you…
I had played for upwards of 5 years, eventually reaching a level where I’d believed that I could play with just about anybody. I played a year up and get killed in every part of the game. I had to figure out how to push myself to be better and compete.
How did you get yourself or your player through the tough times?
I had to push myself and learn new ways to compete, I couldn’t beat them physically so I had to understand the game better.
What is the advice you would give to those currently competing/coaching/supporting?
Keep grinding and develop yourself not only physically but also mentally.
Are you still competing in a sport at the collegiate or professional level? If so, tell us what you wish you knew and what your best advice would be to players/coaches/supporters…
Yes, sports aren’t all physical, push players to understand the mental portion of the game.

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